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If you are planning a building project, whatever its size, it make sense to consult a professional. An architect will guide you through the building process, will share your concerns and will help to turn your vision into reality. To any building project he or she will bring three essential qualities:

Whether you are looking for tradition or innovation, boldness or understatement, an architect can lift your project out of the ordinary. It takes a professional to do it with style and imagination.

Value for money
An architect will find the extra light and space you didn't know you had, suggest materials you hadn't thought of, make sure you find the right builder at the right price.

Freedom from worry
Architects are not only designers; they are troubleshooters. They will guide you through the complex procedures of planning permission and building regulations. They will attend to detail and will monitor the builder's programme of works through to completion. Throughout your project, you will have protection under your architects' professional indemnity insurance, which effectively guarantees the integrity of the design.

There is a misplaced sense of mystique about what a architects do - a fear, even, that they will impose their own tastes at the expense of your own. Nothing could be further from the truth. Step by step, by consultation and agreement, your architect will lead you through the entire process from the first germ of an idea to the finished building.

In Britain, architects must be registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB) in order to legally call themselves architects. An architect will have undertaken at least five years of higher education at a university or school of architecture as well as complete tests of professional practice before registration.

The cost of engaging an architect need not be expensive and in many instances they will save far more than their fees by their attention to detail, their efficient use of space and resources and by their dealings with the builder.

Architects fees are either calculated as a percentage of the building costs or at an hourly rate. You can select all or part of an architect's service.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) can help you find an architect suitable for you.

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